Elegant, Sharp and exquisite. Julian ®

Made from 925 silver and embellished with black zirconium, Julian is a classic that never loose its brilliance. Wear it on its own or stacked with timeless ring such as Alfred or Halan®. Shop Julian® here.
Nixir/ London/ Men's jewelry/ Silver ring/ Handmade jewelry/ Rings/ Men's ring

She shines, even in darkest times. Alma®

Our new beaded necklace for her is a radiant piece combining unique stones and strong metal. The perfect piece for a casual look and a must-have for this summer. Discover Alma® 
Women's jewelry/ Handmade jewelry/ Gold necklace/ Beaded jewelry/ Women'S necklace
March 18, 2020 — Izoudine Lala

We help you to keep it simple. Malm®

Our classic Malm® is a must-have for all jewelry lovers. Made from sterling silver, this piece is just perfect for your daily lifestyle. Worn on its own or with a pendant, Malm® posseses the magical touch that embellish almost every outfit. Shop here.
Men's chain/ Silver chain/ Gold chain/ Black chain/ Men's jewelry/ handmade jewelry

All you need to complement your look.

Calvin and Richard are two classics with fine details that makes them easy to wear with different looks. You can mix them with other designs for a sharper look or keep it simple by wearing them alone.
Men's jewelry/ Silver jewelry/ Handmade jewelry/ Men's necklaces/ Men's bracelets/ Nixir/ London

Just you and your jewelry

Made from the finest materials, our designs keeps you sharp yet comfortable. Here is timeless look you can wear on a daily basis. 
Nixir/ London/ Men's jewelry/ Handmade jewelry/ Beaded barcelet/ Men's ring/ Silver rings



February 26, 2020 — Izoudine Lala

Keep it simple with Malm®

Our classic chain Malm® is a the perfect piece for a casual look. Available in 3 finishes, you can wear it on its own or stacked it with different designs. Discover Malm® here.
Men's necklace/ Silver necklace/ Gold chain/ Silver chain/ Men's jewelry/ Nixir/ London
February 19, 2020 — DigitalCoo Team

A ring you will keep forever. Halan®

Our minimalist Halan® ring is a sophisticated piece with elegant details inspired by sea's curls. Make this eye-catching a piece a part of your lifestyle. Discover Halan®
Men's ring/ Silver jewelry/ Nixir/ London/ Ring/ Silver jewelry
February 12, 2020 — Izoudine Lala

Crafted for everyday wear. Elvis®

Our new Elvis necklace is a mixture of minimalism and symbolism. Its subtle round pendant makes it easier to be worn on the daily basis and with different looks. From simple white tee to denim or leather jacket, Elvis possesses the fine touch you need.
Men's jewelry/ Silver/ Handmade jewelry/ Nixir/ London/ Jewelry designer/ Men's necklace/ Silver necklace
February 05, 2020 — DigitalCoo Team

Forever by your side. Elvis®

Inspired by central-Asia horses, Our Elvis® pendant inspires loyalty and friendship. Crafted from pure silver and with the finest artistry, Elvis is a timeless piece to add to your collection. Discover our necklace collection here. 
Silver jewelry/ Nixir/ London/ Men's jewelry/ Men's necklace/ Jewelry designer
January 15, 2020 — Izoudine Lala

Ready For Spectacular Year

2019 Has been pretty amazing. A lot of great experiences and also some challenging times. We are grateful for everything and very excited about what is coming. Can't wait to share the new pieces with you guys.
Men's jewelry/ Nixir/ London/ Holiday season/ Happy New year/ Handmade jewelry
December 27, 2019 — Izoudine Lala