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Each Nixir is meticulously crafted from the finest materials resulting in extremely attractive designs that adds a special charm to your daily looks. Exuding confidence and style, our designs will have you walk and stand with confidence wherever you go! Shop our rings, necklaces and bracelets here
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Quality & Innovation: The Nixir bracelet

The luxurious and comfortable finish of the Nixir bracelet makes it perfect to suit your needs whatever the occasion. Crafted from 925 sterling silver, The Justin bracelet will enhance your everyday appearance and boost your confidence. Shop here

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The Everyday Bracelet

Stay sophisticated wearing our classic Lorn bracelet. Made from solid steel, this timeless piece will add a beautiful touch to your everyday look. Also available in premium black plating. Shop here
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Balance is key. The perfect fit is having just a little room to keep your wrist comfortable and your look appear more attractive. For example if your wrist size is 16,5 cm, the perfect fit for a bracelet will be 17cm. Here are few examples with different bracelets style.
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MEN'S BRACELET/ Men's jewelry/ sterling silver/ jewelry for men
MEN'S BRACELET/ Men's jewelry/ sterling silver/ jewelry for men
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How To Measure His Ring Size

So you are trying to figure out how to measure his ring size. Maybe you even want to figure out his ring size in secret. Is it possible? YES, of course. Here are three options to figuring out his ring size!

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Three Ways to Measure His Ring Size

Option 1 (recommended)
The String Method

  1. Figuring out his size using the string method is a great option if you are trying to keep it a secret from him. If you are sneaky enough you can use this method while he is sleeping.

What You'll Need

  • For this method, you would need a string and a ruler.


Take a string and wrap it around the biggest part of his finger and then mark or cut the part where the string joins or overlap. With a ruler, measure the size of the string that you marked. The measurement that you have gotten from the string is the circumference of the finger or your ring’s size. When you measure the string, check the measurement of the ruler with that of the men’s size chart so you know exactly what the ring size is. In this way, you can order the rings online without having to go to the jeweler.

However, the string method takes time and is a nuisance.

Option 2
The Free Printable Ring Sizer

Yes it's true... You can now print a ring sizer and never have to leave your house.

What You'll Need

  • Take a guess..... A printer and don't worry. You can print in black and white.


When you download the printable ring sizer make sure you set your printer scale to 100%. This is crucial to making sure the ring sizer is to scale. Dowload our printable ring sizer here.

Once you print out the printable ring sizer cut out the sizer & cut a slit indicated on the sizer. Step 2, insert tapered in through the slit, step three, slip the sizer onto your finger and adjust to give a comfortable fit. The size is indicated by the arrow.

Option 3
Get Sized At a Jewelry Store

When in doubt, it's always better to visit a professional to help you to find the right size. One way to find the perfect ring size for your man is to take him along to a jewelry store so he can try out the rings. The store workers will also measure your ring size and they will let you know for future use.

You Could Always Just Take a Guess

Now that we found the right size, let's find the perfect rings for him. Shop here



Should Guys Wear Necklaces?

It's a really good question and the answer is YES!

For a long time, necklaces has always been a way to express oneself and knowing your style help you to wear the right ones for you. 


The most classic style of chain necklace has relatively flat loops spaced close together. The chain almost looks like a solid ribbon of metal and is long enough to fall slightly below the collarbone. The key to pulling off a chain is modesty. Keep the style understated and keep the chain underneath your shirt. The small amount that's visible is enough to make your statement for you.

The metal defines the entire chain's look so it's worth spending more to get a higher-quality product here. Avoid cheap alternatives and go for solid stainless steel or precious metals like gold and silver. Our Malm chain is the perfect choice to begin with.



A pendant is usually a small or large piece linked to a chain or cord. Often worn to make statement or to express something personal and meaningful, this type of necklace are common, popular and versatile. 

Pendants can be worn outside casual shirts like T-shirts, however we recommend to wear your pendant underneath when wearing a V-neck or turn-down collar. Here is the perfect example with our elegant Odell necklace. Made from 925 sterling silver. Shop here



Usually made from natural stones, this type of necklaces are worn as symbol of protection, good fortune and more. If you are new to the men's jewelry world, it's not the best option to start with as you have to be totally comfortable to wear pieces that are uncommon. The most common stones are tiger eye and onyx. Their neutral colors makes them easy to style with different outfits. Our best sellers Arian and Alsen are the perfect choice if you are looking for something you can wear everyday. 




Symbolic Gifts for Men

When it comes to gifts, it all about giving something meaningful to a person we love. Symbolic jewelry such as this unique combination of tiger eye, sterling silver and elegant symbols will definitely be a gift he/she will cherish. Click here to shop and see more.
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Sail with style and colors.

Wear this exquisite necklace made by hand with Larimar and matte Onyx beads. An elegant piece that inspire adventure and discovery. 
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September 08, 2020 — Izoudine Lala

Summer in blue.

Considered as colour of strength and creativity, our blue Jade bracelet is a classic piece that combines minimalism and modern engineering. Create a colourful look by pairing it with different look such as Aldebaran or Adel.
Shop look here.
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Shoot with Sirio

Sirio Berati (@sirio) possesses a unique way of keeping his focus on the design even while the model is moving. Which makes his art more natural and more attractive. Discover more of his work here. Ring: Dan®️ & Cameron®️ 
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April 08, 2020 — DigitalCoo Team