Unwrap it together.

Unique matching bracelets for you and her. Shop bracelets here.
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Element Collection

Sea, Sky and Earth, skillfully designed to empower the ones who wears it. Made with Turquoise, How-lite, Jasper and sterling silver, our new necklaces will add a colourful touch to your daily look. 
Men's necklace/ Handmade jewelry/ Sterling silver/ Nixir
October 17, 2020 — Izoudine Lala

Working from an office or from Home with a unique bracelet.


Working from home is now a new aspect of our lives and most of us are during the week, moving from home to the office. An elegant piece that can easily be worn for multiple lifestyle can be rare nowadays. Especially when it comes to men's jewelry. Our minimalist bracelets will elegantly compliment your daily outfit, whether you are wearing a casual or a dressy outfit. Ernest is a great choice to start with. Wear it on is own or pair it with a silver watch for a sophisticated combo. Shop Bracelets

Sail with style and colors.

Wear this exquisite necklace made by hand with Larimar and matte Onyx beads. An elegant piece that inspire adventure and discovery. 
Nixir/ Men's jewelry/ Sterling silver/ Stainless steel/ Handmade jewelry
September 08, 2020 — Izoudine Lala

Feel the waves

Minimalism meets modern engineering. An elegant piece made from sterling silver. Shop here.
Nixir/ Sterling silver/ Jewelry/ Men's ring/ Handmade jewelry
September 03, 2020 — Izoudine Lala

Make our classics part of your story.

Made from sterling silver, each piece has a unique meaning. From classic pieces such as Justin and Richard to handcrafted designs like Aldebaran, each bracelet can be worn for everyday look or on a special day. Start your collection here.
Mens jewelry/ Sterling silver / Handmade jewelry / Nixir / Designs
August 27, 2020 — Izoudine Lala

Fine Discovery. Walter

Skillfully made from sterling silver, our new Walter ring is a gentleman must-have this summer. Adorned with black zirconium, this ring combines a timeless craftsmanship with a mixture of unique materials. Wear this piece for a elegant and modern look. Shop Walter
Nixir/ Silver rings/ Men's ring/ Sterling silver/ black diamond
August 05, 2020 — Izoudine Lala

A modern way of combining metal and stones: Walter

Crafted from sterling silver, our new ring is a sophisticated piece with intricate details that makes it unique. From a casual look to a dressy outfit, Walter will add the final touch you are looking for. Shop Walter 
Men's ring/ Nixir / Silver ring / sterling silver / Men's jewelry / Jewelry
July 16, 2020 — Izoudine Lala

Odell (new version)

Developing modern designs and refining our existing pieces. Meet the new Odell, uniquely embellished with la Fleur de Lys. Shop Odell
Men's necklace/ Nixir / Men's jewelry / Silver jewelry/ 925 Sterling Silver
July 08, 2020 — Izoudine Lala

Uniquely made as you are.

Elegant shape. Sharp texture. Modern design. The perfect piece to express you individuality. Complement it with a classic bracelet such as Adel for a sophisticated look. Shop Alfred
Men's r
June 24, 2020 — Izoudine Lala