Unwrap it together.

Unique matching bracelets for you and her. Shop bracelets here.
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Element Collection

Sea, Sky and Earth, skillfully designed to empower the ones who wears it. Made with Turquoise, How-lite, Jasper and sterling silver, our new necklaces will add a colourful touch to your daily look. 
Men's necklace/ Handmade jewelry/ Sterling silver/ Nixir
October 17, 2020 — Izoudine Lala

Sail with style and colors.

Wear this exquisite necklace made by hand with Larimar and matte Onyx beads. An elegant piece that inspire adventure and discovery. 
Nixir/ Men's jewelry/ Sterling silver/ Stainless steel/ Handmade jewelry
September 08, 2020 — Izoudine Lala

Feel the waves

Minimalism meets modern engineering. An elegant piece made from sterling silver. Shop here.
Nixir/ Sterling silver/ Jewelry/ Men's ring/ Handmade jewelry
September 03, 2020 — Izoudine Lala

Make our classics part of your story.

Made from sterling silver, each piece has a unique meaning. From classic pieces such as Justin and Richard to handcrafted designs like Aldebaran, each bracelet can be worn for everyday look or on a special day. Start your collection here.
Mens jewelry/ Sterling silver / Handmade jewelry / Nixir / Designs
August 27, 2020 — Izoudine Lala

Fine Discovery. Walter

Skillfully made from sterling silver, our new Walter ring is a gentleman must-have this summer. Adorned with black zirconium, this ring combines a timeless craftsmanship with a mixture of unique materials. Wear this piece for a elegant and modern look. Shop Walter
Nixir/ Silver rings/ Men's ring/ Sterling silver/ black diamond
August 05, 2020 — Izoudine Lala

A modern way of combining metal and stones: Walter

Crafted from sterling silver, our new ring is a sophisticated piece with intricate details that makes it unique. From a casual look to a dressy outfit, Walter will add the final touch you are looking for. Shop Walter 
Men's ring/ Nixir / Silver ring / sterling silver / Men's jewelry / Jewelry
July 16, 2020 — Izoudine Lala

Odell (new version)

Developing modern designs and refining our existing pieces. Meet the new Odell, uniquely embellished with la Fleur de Lys. Shop Odell
Men's necklace/ Nixir / Men's jewelry / Silver jewelry/ 925 Sterling Silver
July 08, 2020 — Izoudine Lala

Uniquely made as you are.

Elegant shape. Sharp texture. Modern design. The perfect piece to express you individuality. Complement it with a classic bracelet such as Adel for a sophisticated look. Shop Alfred
Men's r
June 24, 2020 — Izoudine Lala

Summer in blue.

Considered as colour of strength and creativity, our blue Jade bracelet is a classic piece that combines minimalism and modern engineering. Create a colourful look by pairing it with different look such as Aldebaran or Adel.
Shop look here.
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