It's a really good question and the answer is YES!

For a long time, necklaces has always been a way to express oneself and knowing your style help you to wear the right ones for you. 


The most classic style of chain necklace has relatively flat loops spaced close together. The chain almost looks like a solid ribbon of metal and is long enough to fall slightly below the collarbone. The key to pulling off a chain is modesty. Keep the style understated and keep the chain underneath your shirt. The small amount that's visible is enough to make your statement for you.

The metal defines the entire chain's look so it's worth spending more to get a higher-quality product here. Avoid cheap alternatives and go for solid stainless steel or precious metals like gold and silver. Our Malm chain is the perfect choice to begin with.



A pendant is usually a small or large piece linked to a chain or cord. Often worn to make statement or to express something personal and meaningful, this type of necklace are common, popular and versatile. 

Pendants can be worn outside casual shirts like T-shirts, however we recommend to wear your pendant underneath when wearing a V-neck or turn-down collar. Here is the perfect example with our elegant Odell necklace. Made from 925 sterling silver. Shop here



Usually made from natural stones, this type of necklaces are worn as symbol of protection, good fortune and more. If you are new to the men's jewelry world, it's not the best option to start with as you have to be totally comfortable to wear pieces that are uncommon. The most common stones are tiger eye and onyx. Their neutral colors makes them easy to style with different outfits. Our best sellers Arian and Alsen are the perfect choice if you are looking for something you can wear everyday. 




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