1. Over-Accessorizing

You probably heard the phrase "less is more", which is not entirely true when it comes to jewelry however, its how comfortable and confident you are in wearing them that will make all the difference. If you are just starting to experiment, we suggest to keep it simple with one or two classic bracelets such as the Justin or a leather bracelet like Raoul. Pair it with an elegant ring like Royce for a sharper look.

Nixir/ Men's jewelry/ Sterling silver/ stingray leather/ Men's bracelet

2. Not choosing jewelry that suits your skin tones

The way that you determine what metal suits you best is to try on pieces. Use the following tips to determine your skin tone: 

Look at your skin in natural light and find a spot wear veins are noticeable (your wrist is usually a good choice)

 Blue or purple veins = cool skin tone

 Green veins = warm skin tone

 Blue, green, AND purple veins = neutral skin tone

Once you have determined whether you have warm or cool undertones, it’s relatively easy to match the proper metal with your skin.

 Cool skin tones look best in light metals = white gold, platinum, or sterling silver

 Warm skin tones work great with yellow metals = yellow gold or rose gold

 Neutral skin tones = white gold or sterling silver

6. Assuming That All Jewelry Is Feminine

Let's be clear – Jewelry is not feminine.

There are certain styles that may be considered less masculine than others but to say that all are for the softer sex is simply not true. Let’s take a historical perspective for a minute.

  • The Pope’s ring (Ring of the Fisherman) is a symbol of power and authority. It was the papal method used to seal official documents from the Vatican.
  • Egyptian pharaohs from the Eighteenth Dynasty were known for their wesesks which were collars/necklaces and were given to officials and dignitaries – as well as soldiers – as a mark of honor.
  • Military personnel wear, and hold in high regard, their dog tags.
  • Male bracelets date back to 3000 B.C. and earlier – warriors and shamans wore them to ward off evil

I could go on forever but history has shown us that men wearing jewelry is the picture of masculinity and in some cases “badassery”. At the end of the day it’s all about functionality, preference, and style. Wear it with confidence and that sentiment will translate to everyone else.


Picture of Prince Rahotep and his wife Nofret

Source: Antonio Centeno
Via https://www.realmenrealstyle.com/7-jewelry-tips/ 



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