Our Story

Izoudine Lala, a native of the Ivory Coast in Africa and a student of design in North America, had begun a journey into the world of jewellery architecture in 2015. Inspired by modern engineering, Izoudine had decided to forgo the natural path he was set on and plunged towards an expression of his life through the creation of NIXIR.

Nixir: A derivative of the Egyptian Elixir, a drink that according to history, gave eternal life.

Izoudine found in the word “elixir”, his way to prolong his creative ambitions and determination of artistic impression through his designs.

Since 2015, we are offering premium designs crafted to help you express your uniqueness. Made from Sterling silver and Stainless steel, Nixir is the purest expression of a timeless craftsmanship.


From style advice to helping you choose the perfect gift, our experts James and Sophia are pleased to assist you in any way.

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